CPU/timer activity LED does not work when configured for PORTA6

For ConnectCore 9U (UNC90): When configuring the Linux kernel to use PORTA6 LED instead of PORTA4 with:

in .config, you will see PORTA6 LED not blinking.

Internally pin PORTA6 of the module is routed to AT91 CPU ball G6=PB27 and J1=PD25 to maintain peripheral functionality compatibility with CC7U.
This means to drive PORTA6 of module,either PB27 or PD25 needs to be configured as input, the other one as output for PIO.
The driver is only configuring this correctly for PIO_B, such that PIO_D is not working.
For this reason the driver needs to be modified to use PB27 instead of PD25

-#define AT91_LEDS_CPU      AT91C_PIO_PD25
-#define AT91_LEDS_TIMER AT91C_PIO_PD25
+#define AT91_LEDS_CPU      AT91C_PIO_PB27
+#define AT91_LEDS_TIMER AT91C_PIO_PB27

(- means removed lines, + means added lines)

Alternatively, the older dk-leds.c driver v 1.1 2005/06/02 as delivered in LxNETES-3.1 can also fix the problem. You may request this version from Digi Technical Support. Please refer to failure#45396
Last updated: May 28, 2019

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