The operating system (Linux, WinCE, or NET+OS) does not boot on a ConnectCore module with NAND flash, but the same images are booting on another module with the same part number

During programming of the operating system or filesystem image noticed:

# update rootfs
MtdRewrite: rewrite failed. Maybe this is a bad block.
*** ERROR: Write failed at block @ 0x00540000

NAND flash chips can get bad blocks during runtime (additionally to those beeing marked by the flash manufacturer). Mark this block as bad, to get it skipped by U-Boot and the operating system / file system. On U-Boot console enter the reported block number:

# nand markbad 0x00540000 (number taken from message above)
Do you want to mark this as bad block and delete all containing data?(y/n)y
block 0x00540000 successfully marked as bad
# nand bad
Device 0 bad blocks: 00540000
# update linux/wce/netos
.. no error message
# update rootfs/myfilesystem error message
# boot

Last updated: Jun 04, 2019

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