What must one do to properly support the new 4MB flash version of the Digi Connect ME?

As of the NET+OS 6.3 release there is no specific platform this version of the Connect ME. There a couple of approaches, however, one can take to supporting this platform.

  1. When working with NET+OS 6.0 it will be necessary to update the flash library. Please contact Digi/NetSilicon technical support for this update.
  2. On NET+OS 6.3 there are at least two courses of action one could take.
    1. Edit the existing connectme platform so that the build process is aware of the larger flash.
      1. Edit the src/bsp/platforms/connectme/customize.ldr file and change the #define for FLASH_SIZE from 2M to 4M. Save the file and rebuild the BSP.
    2. Copy the connectme platform and create a new platform, i.e. connectme4.
      1. Once this new platform has been created you must edit the c:\netos63_gnu\Makefile.inc file. In this file there are four places wher ethere is a listing of supported platforms, add your new platform name to this list (the platform name is the same as teh sub-directory you created in the platforms directory (i.e. connectme, connectem, etc.).
Last updated: Jun 13, 2019

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