How to get flash patches for NET+OS 7.4

When Digi anounces new flash chips which need an updated NET+OS flash driver, customers with NET+OS 7.5.x need to open the Digi NET+OS ESP and download the patches with the Package Manager. They have to recompile their projects with the new flash chip driver in order to create new manufacturing firmware which will support the new flash chip. Failing to do this might result into non-booting custom firmware.

NET+OS versions 7.4 or older are no longer maintained by Digi. Customers should migrate their firmware to the latest NET+OS 7.5.x version. If for any reason this is not possible, NET+OS 7.4 customers may install NET+OS 7.5.2, download the latest patches, check the flash driver sources (naflash.c and Flash.h), and back-port the changes into their NET+OS 7.4 code.
Last updated: May 29, 2020

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