Using the Rabbit Field Utility(RFU) to download code to your Rabbit

When using the RFU utility on a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 PC or laptop you will need to install the proper drivers in order for the RFU to communicate with the Rabbit board.  If you do not install the proper drivers the Windows machine will try to communicate with your programming cable and Rabbit and it will send out a communication error.

To install the correct driver attach the Rabbit board to your PC with the programming cable and apply power before installing Dynamic C.  This will override the default Windows drivers. 

To install Dynamic C 9.62A(latest release for RCM2000 and RCM3000 modules) go to this link;
To install Dynamic C 10.72E(latest release for RCM 4000 and RCM6000 modules) go to this link;

The RFU utility is available under the following folders; C:\DCRABBIT_9.62A\utilities\  or under C:\DCRABBIT_10.72E\utilities\.

Run the executable RFU.exe in the C:\DCRABBIT_9.62A\utilities\ folder.  The version is 3.05.  The version of RFU.exe under C:\DCRABBIT_10.72E\utilities\ will be version 4.72.
Last updated: Feb 08, 2022

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