How to extract program from flash with Rabbit modules

There is a program that extracts the entire flash content or just the firmware(extract_flash.c).  This is available with Dynamic C latest releases at Digi’s website under 9.62A and 10.72E release. You can find the latest releases below;
Dynamic C 9.62A release

Dynamic C 10.72E release

Is also available on Dynamic C 9 and 10 github;

Dynamic C 9 github

Dynamic C 10 github

The program runs in ram and does a dump of the flash or firmware located in the device.  DO NOT compile the program to flash because it will erase the content in flash.  Program will need to be compiled to RAM.

A programming cable is needed part# 20-101-1183 for 1.27mm connector or part#20-101-1201 for 2mm connector.  Download Dynamic C gui to run extract_flash.c program.  Module will need to be connected to a development board or your own hardware. Follow the instructions provided in the extract_flash.c program located in the following paths;



Last updated: Sep 25, 2023

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