On module Internal RTC via PMIC not keeping time on new i.mx53 JSK development board (30013721-03)

Due to a recently discovered bug in the DIALOG PMIC used on the CCiMX53 module that may lead to loss of time at low temperatures in some scenarios, Digi has redesigned the JSK development board and implemented external Real Time Clock EM3027IDS U59.

The limitations of the internal RTC are described in the module's Hardware Reference Manual.

On the new (30013721-03) JumpStart Kit board, the module's coincell supply is unconnected, and the coincell is no longer present on the board. This means that when power is off, the time of the internal (on module via PMIC) RTC is lost.

The reason for the new revision of the JSK development board was to implement an external RTC as we no longer recommend using internal due to the bug in the Dialog PMIC.  

The internal RTC can still be used under the limitations described in the HRM. To use the internal RTC on the 
30013721-03 JSK you would need to connect the coincell battery supply to pin 46 of the J1 module connector.
Last updated: Jun 04, 2019

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