How to setup a (Wi-)i.MX51 or (Wi-)i.MX53 with default (factory) Android images? Updated from Android 1.1 to 1.2 or migrated a WinCE or Linux to Android and see a kernel panic

From your Android Application Development Kit (aadk) copy default files to your TFTP server, e.g.:

cp /opt/Digi/Android/aadk-1.2/images/ccwmx53js/* /tftpboot

presumed you have U-Boot 2009.08 DUB- or newer already running
otherwise on U-Boot run:

update uboot tftp

Create partitions for Android with flpart: flpart "r"eset "a"ndroid "q"uit and save

update android [tftp]

update androidfs [tftp]

setenv bootcmd dboot android flash;saveenv

to set the video and display variables accordingly (e.g. "custom" can cause a kernel panic)

E.g. on the Digi JSK with Digi LCD you should enter:
1 for Video 1 interface  
3 for LCD display  
1 for LQ070Y3DG3B (JSK display)  

see also Digi ESP for Android Help, section 6.1 Boot Android from Flash, Flashing images
Troubleshooting and 10. Limitations section for setting the video environment accordingly.
Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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