Configuring I/O line passing functionality

This functionality is only available using the XStream family of radios.
Load firmware version 4.3 or higher into radio modems following instructions at Upgrading modules to the latest firmware

Follow these guidelines when enabling the I/O functionality in the radios. 

When the firmware update is complete, enable I/O line passing by: 

1. Using a terminal window such as HyperTerminal change the "DR" parameter to 1. This instructs a radio to transmit any transition in its pin4 (DTR) state. 

2. Ensure the "CD" parameter is set to 1 or 2. This affects whether the I/O line output is default to logic 1 or 0, respectively. 

3. On the DB-9 connector when pin 4 (DTR) is (de-)asserted on a transmitting radio, pins 1 & 6 (DCD & DSR) are (de-)asserted on a receiving radio.
Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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