Upgrading RF Modem modules to the latest firmware using X-CTU

Digi radio modems support field firmware upgrades. The upgrade process requires the Digi interface board (supplied in a development kit or a PKG product) and a PC with a Windows OS.


One of the reasons you might want to upgrade the firmware is because the XCTU software reported the following error message:


Unable to find configuration file for modem. Please check website or call technical support for updates.

Read parameters..Failed.


Instructions for upgrading the radio firmware:




  1. Remove any old copies of XCTU you may have installed on your computer.
  2. Install new X-CTU software from www.digi.com/xctu.
  3. Connect the Digi radio modem to an available COM port on the PC.
  4. Run X-CTU.exe program, (there is an Icon on the Windows desktop.)
  5. On the "PC Settings" tab of the software: select the correct COM port, select the baud rate that matches the default baud rate of the module (X__-009 modules use 9600 bps by default, X__-019=19200 bps and X__-038=38400 bps, the XTend and all XBee radios will default at 9600). Leave the other settings at their defaults (None, 8, None, 1, from top to bottom). Be mindful of the "Enable API" box. If the existing firmware on the module is API enabled then this box must be checked in order to allow communication between the radio and the X-CTU. If you do not know the existing firmware of the module then you may need to attempt these steps with the API box checked. If no success, then attempt again with it not checked. If using a USB interface board, or USB to serial conversion cable, it may help to check the "No baud change" box at the bottom left of the page.
  6. Select the "Modem Configuration" tab and press the "Read" parameters button to automatically detect the modem type. (If the software is unable to find configuration file then manually select correct modem type from the pull-down menu).
  7. Select desired "Function Set" and firmware "Version" from their respective pull-down menu. The firmware version at the bottom of the "Version" list is the latest.
  8. Press the "Write" parameters button to load new firmware.
  9. Press "Restore" module defaults - to reset the module.
  10. Firmware update is now complete.
Do not hesitate to contact Digi technical support with any questions.Note: XStream radio modems with firmware versions 4.28D and higher are field-upgradeable. XCite modems with firmware versions that end in B and higher are field-upgradeable. XTend radios greater than 121 are field-upgradeable. All XBee/XBee-PRO modems are field-upgradeable.If the Modem, Function Set, and Version selected match what is currently on the radio then the "Always update firmware" box must be checked for the firmware to be re-written.
Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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