How to increase size of Android Internal Storage by resizing rootfs partition of the Wi-i.MX53 Android JSK .

  1. Connect the power supply and serial cable (UART1) to the CCWi-i.MX53  board,  open the serial console  window on the host machine with the baud rate 115200, power on the board.
  2. You can see the total internal storage memory size around 107 MB.
  3. Now reset the device, stop the booting process by pressing enter key.
  4. Use the “flpart” command and follow the below procedure 
                    Then update the file system image onto the module by using the below command 
                    #update rootfs tftp android-ccwmx53js-128.ubifs    
                           After successfully updated, reset the module. Once  android image booted properly, again check  the internal storage of the module based on step 2. It will be around 450MB.
Last updated: Jun 21, 2019

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