How to transfer the system to the target

I'm working with a Digi Embedded Linux (DEL) ConnectCore/ConnectCard/Connect ME 9210 board having problems to transfer the system to the target. I've been following the command line reference manual step by step, I developed my first application and transferred the application to the target (point 4 developing applications). I configured the Linux Kernel and customized the root file system (point 5 and 6 ). When I try to execute point 7.4.1 Transferring the system through wired Ethernet with the command #dboot linux tftp I'm getting error: Retry count exceeded; starting again, or in 4.4.1 Transfer the application via FTP I can`t connect to the device.

Presumed you do have a serial console/terminal connected to the device and you can see it booting:
You need to set the IP address of the device first.

When you power cycle the device, interrupt it’s boot process while it is in the U-boot and set IP:
# setenv ipaddr 192.168.1.xx
# setenv serverip 192.168.1.xx
# setenv gatewayip
# setenv dhcp off
# saveenv
# dboot linux flash

At this point Linux should boot and you should be able to ping your PC from the shell and also ping the device from the PC. Now you can try to ftp in to the IP of the device and see if the FTP works. For dboot linux tftp, you also need on your PC a running TFTP server offering the Linux kernel image, and a NFS server offering the root file system.
Last updated: Jun 11, 2019

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