How much amperage is available at J2 on the BL2500 with 12V power supplied?

From the BL2500 user manual at this link

Keep in mind that the Coyote draws 377 mA from the Vcc supply, and that the diode at D1
(shown in Figure B-1) can handle at most 1 A at VRAW, so that leaves the remaining current
capacity to be shared among the DCIN and Vcc pins on friction-lock connector terminals
J7 and J8. Table B-1 lists the available current at DCIN based on the current drawn at Vcc.
This is calculated based on the input voltage. At different input voltage the total sum of the current available for DCIN and VCC is pretty much constant. Just add together VCC and DCIN per each row. For instance at 8.0V input the total current is about 660mA for VCC and DCIN. There is slight variation based on the VCC, but the effect is almost negligible.
This table simply provides an easy look-up so the customer wouldn't have to do a mathematical subtraction from the total current available minus VCC to calculate DCIN and we wouldn't have to provide a more complex calculation based on the secondary variable of the VCC voltage.

Customers should follow the table. 
Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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