What is the meaning of -B in part number DC-ME-Y402-S-B?

    We received a question from a customer asking the meaning of the "-B" suffix in part number DC-ME-Y402-S-B. From outside of Digi this information may be hard to acquire.

    The most definitive solution to this question is to look into the Digi's parts inventory system. According to this system, part number DC-ME-Y402-S-B is a 50 unit pack of Connect ME 9210 modules. Further the units contain four MB FLASH and eight MB RAM. Further, the -S suffix means the units are "plug and play" units.

    For completeness looking up part number DC-ME-402-S (without the -B) shows a single Connect ME 9210 with four MB FLASH and eight MB RAM plug and play module.

    The "-B" suffix refers to a 50 unit package of parts. In this case a 50 unit package of Connect ME 9210 four MB FLASH/eight MB RAM plug and play modules. 
Last updated: Jun 13, 2019

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