How to update rescue partitions on ConnectCore Wi- i.MX51 modules.

Rescue partitions support has to be enabled in Uboot.
Create a Uboot Project and in configure, make sure that Rescue Partition Mechanism is selected in U-Boot Configuration > U-Boot Settings.
Build and update this image onto the module.

To update Rescue-Kernel image, type the following in uboot prompt
CCWMX51 # update Rescue-Kernel tftp uImage-ccwmx51js.bak
>> add .bak to kernel image name. Refer Help Docs of DEL 5.7 8.8.1. Rescue system on removable media

To update Rescue-RootFS image , type the following in uboot prompt
CCWMX51 # update Rescue-RootFS tftp rootfs-ccwmx51js-SECTORSIZE.jffs2
can be 128 or 512 depending on the module total flash. On 2GB variants it will be 512 and 512MB variants it will be 128.
To check your modules sectorsize type nand info in uboot prompt.

For more information about Rescue Partitions refer :-
Digi ESP > HELP Docs > 8.8. Rescue system
Digi ESP > HELP Docs > 8.5.5. Rescue partitions

Last updated: Jun 06, 2019

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