Where can I get the JTAG USB driver for Digi JTAG-Link (P/N:DG-ACC-JLNK)

I'm unable to identify JTAG driver for in ubuntu. I only find the Windows drivers on the Digi website. Can you please provide the JTAG driver for Linux?

USB drivers and J-Link application for Windows and Linux are available from www.segger.com: 

Make sure you do have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed from Digi Embedded Linux 5.x live DVD.
Digi Eclipse ESP was tested only with Ubuntu 12.04. Older or newer Ubuntu versions or other Linux distributions might work, but you are on your own for solving problems.

Download the debian Linux package from https://www.segger.com/jlink-software.html and install it by double clicking the .deb file from the file explorer. On command line this would look like this:

# cat /etc/issue
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
# qapt-deb-installer jlink_5.2.6_i386.deb

(Reading database ... 161891 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace jlink 4.84.6 (using .../home/digi/jlink_5.2.6_i386.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement jlink ...
Setting up jlink (5.2.6) ...

# /usr/bin/JLinkExe
SEGGER J-Link Commander V5.02f ('?' for help)
Compiled Oct  2 2015 20:53:24
DLL version V5.02f, compiled Oct  2 2015 20:53:21
Firmware: J-Link compiled Jul 30 2008 11:24:37 ARM Rev.5
Hardware: V5.30
S/N: 31000000
Feature(s): GDB
Emulator has Trace capability
VTarget = 0.000V
Last updated: Jun 12, 2019

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