SACK vulnerability patches for Digi Embedded platforms

The following patches have been released to address the SACK vulnerability as it relates to the Digi Embedded Android (DEA), Digi Embedded Linux (DEL) and Digi Embedded Yocto (DEY) platforms.

Digi Embedded Android

dea-4.4, dea-5.1: Download the .zip file below and follow the instructions in the README.

dea-8.0, dea-9.0: Update your installation following the instructions at: for dea-8.0 for dea-9.0


Digi Embedded Linux

del-5.7, del-5.9: Go to the DigiEL ESP Package Manager, refresh the package list and install the SACK fix package. Its name is:

del_5_7_SACK_fix for del-5.7

del_5_9_SACK_fix for del-5.9


Digi Embedded Yocto

dey-2.6, dey-2.4, dey-2.2: Update your manifest using the following instructions: for dey-2.6 for dey-2.4 for dey-2.2 ("Update an existing dey-2.2 installation" section)

dey-2.0, dey-1.6: Update your manifest using the instructions in the "Update Digi Embedded Yocto" of this link: for dey-2.0 for dey-1.6

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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