U-Boot prompt change is not reflected. Prompt remains unchanged.

The following patch which will be released with DUB-1.6.4.x or higher fixing the problem. You need to patch the U-Boot (1.6.3.x) sources in /usr/local/DigiEL-5.9/bootloader/u-boot-denx/ and after patching create a new U-Boot project (delete the old one):

diff --git a/common/digi/cmd_bsp.c b/common/digi/cmd_bsp.c
index 8333f70453d1..363eedada998 100644
--- a/common/digi/cmd_bsp.c
+++ b/common/digi/cmd_bsp.c
@@ -3400,12 +3400,14 @@ int generate_dynamic_vars(void)

 void generate_prompt(void)
   extern char sys_prompt[];
   char temp[PATH_MAXLEN];

   sprintf(temp, "%s %s ", convert2upper(modulename),
   strncpy(sys_prompt, temp, CONFIG_PROMPT_MAXLEN);

/* This is a function that is called early after doing the low
Last updated: Jun 13, 2019

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