ConnectPort X USB Flash Drive Compatibility Requirements

The ConnectPort X4 supports USB flash drives with a FAT 32 formatted file system.    

To check flash drive information on the ConnectPort X4, telnet to the unit, login as root and issue the  "flashdrv" command.  The following is an example with 2 USB flash drives (one 2MB and one 4MB):

#> flashdrv

Volume                     Bytes                    Used             Available              Bad   Use%   Mounted on 

FLASH_USB           4002.94 MB      2414.24 MB       1588.69 MB       0.00 MB     60      A:/        

DISK_IMG             2102.39 MB        857.40 MB       1244.98 MB       0.00 MB     40      B:/        

We recommend avoiding any flash drives with built-in compression or which look like 2 drives. 

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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