Does RCM6700 support CAN bus via FIM, is there detailed information available?

There is limited support for FIM for the RCM6700, we do not provide samples, the only information available is in the RCM6000 Microprocessor's User's Manual linked below;

The RCM6700 has restricted possibilities for FIM support because its I/O choices are limited to what's brought out to the edge connector. Because the parallel ports available on the edge connector must be taken over completely by the FIM, any on-board use of any port line precludes the FIM's use of that port.  Only parallel port A is completely available on the RCM6700's edge connector. Please refer to the Rabbit 6000 Microprocessor User's manual, sections "8. Parallel port A" and "33. Flexible INterface Modules" for details and restrictions. 


Digi does not provide a CAN implementation in the libraries included with Dynamic C.  Customer will either need to port an existing library to the Rabbit or write their own.

Last updated: Sep 28, 2022

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