MTD do_write_oneword(): software timeout

During write to NOR flash on Digi Connect (Wi-)ME 9210, or ConnectCore (Wi-)9P9215 with Linux you might see similar messages like:
MTD do_write_oneword(): software timeout
MTD do_write_oneword(): software timeout
Write of 4164 bytes at 0x00669ebc failed. returned -5, retlen 324

Digi has integrated fixes from the community which were supposed to fix this. However on some modules the problem still occurs and even increasing the time out doesn't fix the problem. If this happens on single devices and can't be fixed by repartition and reprogramming firmware and erasing file system flash partitions -  such modules should be returned to Digi for repair (RMA) due to worn out flash chip.

Note: if write errors occur on a complete batch, additional be troubleshooting of the particular flash chip will be required before RMA. Please contact Digi Support for those issues.
Last updated: Jun 28, 2019

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