Can't update U-Boot or Linux via Ethernet on my Digi Connect ME 9210

The factory programmed U-Boot on Digi Connect ME 9210 might not allow you to update firmware via Ethernet on your custom board. Either plug the module to a Digi development board to update firmware, or use the serial console as follows: Connect via a Kermit capable Terminal program to the serial console of the Digi Connect ME 9210. Default baudrate should be 38400 8N1. In order to speedup upload, first modify the baudrate to the maximum value supported by U-Boot (or your terminal program):

CME9210 # setenv baudrate 115200
## Switch baudrate to 115200 bps and press ENTER ...

In your terminal program modify the baudrate to the entered value and press enter to get a prompt, then enter:

CME9210 # loadb
## Ready for binary (kermit) download to 0x00200000 at 115200 bps...

In your terminal program select File->Transfer->Kermit->Send u-boot-cme9210js.bin, file transfer should take about 32secs.

## Total Size = 0x0002abc4 = 175044 Bytes
## Start Addr = 0x00200000

If you have U-Boot DUB-RevG on your module, just enter:

CME9210 # update uboot ram ${loadaddr} ${filesize}

With U-Boot DUB-RevF6 on your module, the address parameters are in a different order:

CME9210 # update uboot ram ${filesize} ${loadaddr}

If you are seeing an error about wrong CRC or partition too small, you may have the ${loadaddr} ${filesize} parameters in the wrong order. Try to swap/exchange them. Below is the remaining output if everything goes ok (maybe with different checksum depending on your u-boot*.bin:

Partition marked read-only / fixed. Do you want to continue?(y/n)y
Calculated checksum = 0xe8c2e9ef
Do you really want to overwrite U-Boot flash partition(y/n)y
Erasing: complete
Writing: complete
Verifying: complete
Reboot system so update takes effect
Update successful
CME9210 #

You may continue with other updates or settings, or maybe first run reset to get your U-Boot booted, which is now able to access Ethernet on your board.
Last updated: Jun 12, 2019

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