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ConnectPort Display performance tips

This applies to the Digi ConnectPort Display and ConnectPort Display M22, in Remote Access (VNC) mode.
1. Disable "Hardware Acceleration" on the host PC:
This can be done in "Display Properties" Panel -> "Settings" Tab -> "Advanced..." Button -> "Troubleshooting" Tab -> "Hardware Acceleration" Tab set to "None".
(These instructions were written for Windows XP, so they may slightly differ for newer Windows Operating Systems.)
2. Disable Visual Effects in Windows:
(Although this article was written for Vista, it should apply to other Operating Systems.)
3. Change from 32-bit (24-bit) color to 16-bit color, both on the host PC and ConnectPort Display.
4. Run a lower resolution, if feasible, both on the host PC and ConnectPort Display.
5. Make sure you are running your network at 100 Mb/sec.  By network, we mean the host PC, the ConnectPort Display, and the related ports on the switch.  Ideally, run on an isolated 100 Mb/sec segment.
6. Download and install the latest stable version of UltraVNC ( that's compatible with your Operating System.
7. Download and install the optional UltraVNC "video hook driver" that's compatible with your version of UltraVNC Server.
Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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