After upgrading to , HTTPS/SSH/IPsec no longer work

If after upgrading a TransPort unit to release it loses connectivity via HTTPs, SSH and IPsec this is due to new security measures in the newer firmware.


The old certificate/keys were seen as a security risk as they were exactly the same in all TransPort devices. The new firmware will now delete the old key pairs and certificates, if any, and generate unique keys and self-signed certificates to replace them.

However, before it can generate the new key pairs and certificates the device needs the clock to be set to the current time. If it doesn't have a current time the certificates will not be generated, preventing HTTPs, SSH or IPsec from working.


Note that this issue does not affect access via HTTP. You will be able to access the WebUI locally using HTTP, if it was enabled before the upgrade.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2020

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