Agriculture Monitoring with XTend Mesh



Crop-growers in North America are benefiting from Digi's DigiMesh protocol, now implemented in firmware on the long-range 900 MHz XTend RF Module. An innovative OEM has developed a unique agriculture monitoring system based on this new technology (see Application Diagram).



Moisture sensors and weather stations contain embedded XTend OEM RF Modules, which send valuable data back to a server located in the Farmer's Office with up to 1-Watt of transmit power. The XTend modules are running DigiMesh firmware, which automatically creates a Mesh repeater network of available nodes to route messages from one node to another until the destination is reached. In order to conserve battery life, some nodes are powered off for periods of time. When these nodes become unavailable, the self-healing DigiMesh protocol automatically re-routes messages through other available nodes.

The DigiMesh protocol is AODV-based (Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector), which indicates that new routes are discovered on demand, or only when there is data to be sent. This helps keep power consumption low by not transmitting constantly to upkeep the network's routes as availability or location of nodes changes.

Network-wide retries & acknowledgments, adjustable timeouts and many other software settings enable the user to optimize the DigiMesh protocol for a myriad of applications, including: AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), SCADA, telemetry, container tracking, fleet/asset management, pipelines, energy management, and military apps. Whether challenged by power conservation or obstacles such as trees and buildings, Digi's DigiMesh can help your wireless system be more reliable.

Please see your respective product manual for more details.

Last updated: Jul 12, 2024

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