AnywhereUSB Driver revisions

Here are a list of the AnywhereUSB 32bit and 64 bit drivers.
This content is provided as a resource for customers to use if the customer needs a specific version of the AnywhereUSB drivers.   
Digi Support recommends using the latest drivers and firmware for the AnywhereUSB products.
Ensure when uninstalling the AnywhereUSB drivers, that the host computer or virtual machine is rebooted before installing the AnywhereUSB drivers.

How do I install the AnywhereUSB driver in Windows?
How do I uninstall the AnywhereUSB drivers?

For further technical assistance, please use the AnywhereUSB installation guide or AnywhereUSB support page:

Links provided as-is and might be unavailable. Please contact Digi Technical Support if needed.

AnywhereUSB 3.82  (N3)  drivers:
64bit 3.82 Driver:

64bit 3.82 Driver release notes:

32bit 3.82 Driver:

32bit 3.82 Driver release notes:

AnywhereUSB 3.80  (N)  drivers:
64bit 3.80 Driver:

64bit 3.80 Driver release notes:

32bit 3.80 Driver:

32bit 3.80 Driver release notes:
AnywhereUSB 3.71  (M)  drivers:
64bit 3.71 Driver:

64bit 3.71 Driver release notes:

32bit 3.71 Driver:

32bit 3.71 Driver release notes:
AnywhereUSB 3.60  (L)  drivers:
64bit 3.60 Driver:

64bit 3.60 Driver release notes:

32bit 3.60 Driver:
32bit 3.60 Driver release notes:
AnywhereUSB 3.51  (K)  drivers:
64bit 3.51 Driver:

64bit 3.51 Driver release notes:

32bit 3.51 Driver:

32bit 3.51 Driver release notes:

32bit 3.30 Driver:
Last updated: Apr 29, 2019

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