Are Digi PCI adapters compatible with the PCI-X slots?

Digi''''s PCI adapters are compatible with PCI-X slots in the same manner that they are compatible with the 64 bit PCI slots. Our adapters run at a bus speed of 33 MHz. Our adapters can be used in the 64 bit PCI slots which have a 66 MHz bus speed, but, all adapters on that PCI bus will operate at 33 MHz rather than 66 MHz. This same concept is true with the new PCI-X standards. Our adapters can be used in the PCI-X slots, but every adapter on that bus will operate at 33 MHz. The PCI-X standards allow PCI bus speeds of up to 533 MHz, so the drop to 33MHz will have a substantial impact on the performance of any faster PCI-X adapters.

The major system manufacturers are shipping systems with several PCI-X PCI slots. The systems usually include at least one 32 bit PCI slot.

Customers should be encouraged to use their Digi PCI adapters in the 33 MHz PCI slot so that the system’s performance is not impeded.

Last updated: Jan 11, 2024

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