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Assigning Node Numbers on C-CON and EPC-CON Concentrators

Cause: Generally an extended or sudden loss of power on a Concentrator

Symptoms of an incorrect node number assignment on a C-CON Concentrator include:


  • En displays on the LED of the C-CON Concentrator.
  • The Monitor utility in MPI (or dpa) represents the Concentrator as DN and the LED on the C-CON Concentrator displays AC. Simply type dpa from a UNIX root prompt to check the Concentrator status.

    To set the correct node number, first determine which node number should be assigned. This is determined by the order in the chain. Each C/X or EPC/X adapter has two connectors on it, Line 1 and Line 2. Each connector can have up to 4 C-CONs or EPC-CON daisy chained. The first Concentrator on Line 1 should be assigned 1n as the node number, the second Concentrator on Line 1 is assigned 2n and so on... Likewise the first Concentrator on Line 2 would also be assigned 1n as the node number.

    Once you determine what order the Concentrator is in the chain, you can proceed to configure it by powering off the Concentrator, unplug the "host adapter" cable connected on the right side of the Concentrator. Next, power the unit on. When the LED reads P1, press the left arrow button on the front panel of the Concentrator until the desired node number is displayed. Press the right arrow button on the front panel two times to save the configuration. Finally, turn the power off, reconnect the "host adapter" cable and power the unit back on. The Concentrator and the MPI Monitor utility (dpa) should both indicate AC.
Last updated: Jan 11, 2024

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