Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Company Identifier

In Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the Company Identifier is a 16-bit value assigned by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) to a specific company or organization. This identifier is used in the Manufacturer Specific Data Advertising Data (AD) element within BLE advertising packets. The 16 bit value assigned to Digi is 0x02DB.

Each company or organization is typically assigned a unique Company Identifier to avoid conflicts and ensure interoperability between different Bluetooth devices. The purpose of having unique identifiers is to allow devices to recognize and interpret the Manufacturer Specific Data correctly.

While it is possible for you to use the Digi Company Identifier in your product, a unique Company Identifier for each organization or product line helps prevent confusion and potential issues, especially in environments with a mix of different BLE devices.

To ensure proper functionality, it is advisable for each organization or product line to obtain a unique Company Identifier from the Bluetooth SIG.

Always check the latest Bluetooth Core Specification and consult with the Bluetooth SIG for up-to-date information on Company Identifiers and other relevant standards.

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Last updated: Feb 21, 2024

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