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C/CON or EPC/CON hangs at P1 when power cycled




  • The concentrator is not getting the initial signal from the host adapter because it is not connected at all, or it is connected on the wrong line.
  • The driver is not installed or the concentrator that is configured does not match the actual physical concentrator type.
  • The timing on the host adapter and/or the concentrator and/or the modems is set incorrectly.
  • The host adapter is malfunctioning.


  • Verify that the cables are all connected securely and that the concentrator is attached to the correct line.
  • Check to make sure that the Operating System has been updated with all Service Packs/patches installed, the latest version of the Digi adapter driver is installed and loading correctly, and that the correct type of concentrator is configured.
  • Verify the timing settings on the host adapter, the concentrator, and the modem.
  • Run the appropriate diagnostics on the Digi adapter for the card and bus type.
Last updated: Mar 22, 2019

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