Cable pinout to connect a Digi RJ-45 serial port to a BayTech RPC-2 console port

Here is a known-working pinout to connect a BayTech RPC-2 (Remote Power Control Unit) RJ-45 port to a Digi RJ-45 port, such as that found on our Acceleport, Portserver, Portserver II, and Portserver TS line products. This cable has been tested and found to work with the BayTech RPC-2, though it may work with other BayTech RJ-45 interfaced products as well:

EIA 232 Digi RJ-45 to BayTech RJ-45
Signal Digi
DSR 1 -------- 1 DTR
RTS 2 -------- 8 DCD
GND 3 -------- 2 GND
TxD 4 -------- 5 RxD
RxD 5 -------- 4 TxD
SG 6 -------- 7 GND
CTS 7 -------- 3 RTS
DTR 8 -------- 6 N/C 
Last updated: Mar 22, 2019

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