Can I load RealPort on multiple Unix / Linux hosts to access the same PortServer(s)?

Yes, you can have devices ttya01-16 loaded on 2 different machines. If server 1 has ports ttya01-08 opened, server 1 controls it. Server 2 could then have ttya09-16 opened - server 2 controls this.

One area that gets a little confusing is printers. If you have a print spooler (ttya10) set up on server 1 and server 2, and you don't have anything else holding the port open, the print spooler will open the tty (it now controls it), send the print job, and then close the port.  It is now open for either server. However, this procedure may not work with your particular printer or application, depending on the needed flow control, so it is not generally recommended.

Note:  You cannot enable a port for login from two servers at the same time.

Last updated: Mar 22, 2019

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