Can I use the Digi One IA Modem for Modbus/RTU or DF1 and 11-bit async character settings?

If you have a newer model (from spring 2004) you can. The older models did not support the 11-bit async char used by Modbus/RTU and DF1 (meaning 8-data bits plus parity)

To tell which modem you have, issue an ATi4 command. If you see ''''''''MultiTechSystems, MT5600SMI'''''''' then you have a new model.

These commands will set up the Digi One IA Modem for use with DF1 at 19200,8,N,1. This assumes your modem is by the PLC in the field and you are dialing in:
  ATS0=1 (Enable auto answer)
  AT+IPR=19200 (Will set serial speed to 19200)
  AT&W0 (Will save settings in user profile0)
  AT&Y0 (Will use user profile0 as factory default)

Following commands are optional:
  AT&S0 (DSR is always on)
  AT+IFC=0,0 (disable flow control)
  AT+MS=v34,0,19200,19200) (Will set link speed to 19200 and disable auto mode)

Last updated: May 21, 2019

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