Can We Privately Label Digi International RF Modem Products?

Does Digi International allow OEMs to resell Digi International radio frequency (RF) modems without the Digi International label?
Digi International offers a private labeling program that provides OEMs/Integrators the opportunity to market certain Digi International technologies under their own label. Private labeling of Digi International products is subject to the following conditions:
  • OEM RF modules may NOT be privately labeled, only Stand-alone RF modems may be resold without Digi International labels.
  • OEM pays $1,500 for private labeling version of Digi's X-CTU Software. Software is fully-featured and is setup to facilitate insertion of private seller's logo. Copyrights remain property of Digi International and must be maintained.
  • (Optional) OEM pays $1,000 for a private labeling version of product documentation (This includes generic versions of the product manual and quick start guide). Documentation is setup to facilitate the insertion of private seller's logo and information. Copyrights remain property of Digi International and must be maintained.
  • Software and documentation copyrights must remain property of Digi International and copyright information may not be removed.
  • XStream, XTend, and XBee-PRO stand-alone modems may be private labeled by customer at their own expense. Label designs may be provided in electronic format to the OEM for a $500 fee, or the OEM may label the product on their own.
  • Digi International will not apply a private label to a product prior to shipping. All private labeling must be conducted by the OEM.
  • Any private labeling done to Digi International's RF modems requires the OEM to submit copies of all labels and documentation to be pre-approved by Digi International for compliance to policy.
Ask a Digi International sales representative for assistance.
Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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