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Cannot use COM3 through COM9 in Citrix with Windows 2000


After I installed my Digi product, it started on COM10.  I cannot change it and I cannot use COM3 through COM9.



  • This is a known issue.  Citrix has information on their web site in document ID CTX931125. After installing Service Pack 1 for Metaframe 1.8, COM3 through COM9 are added by default.


  • The Hotfix is a registry "hack" and the instructions can be found on the Citrix web site. The hotfix document is MX182W012. Make sure in following this document that you have created a folder called parameters under CdmService and use a value of 2 for DefaultComPorts. Alternately, you can upgrade to the latest service pack, which will also fixes the problem.
Last updated: Mar 22, 2019

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