Cellular Connection Issues on TransPorts

A few questions to help work through the cellular connection issues you are experiencing on your Digi TransPort®:
  • Who is your provider?
  • What is the APN for your SIM?  If you do not know it, please contact your provider.
  • Please verify that this particular SIM is still active with your provider.
  • Are you using the proper size SIM (2FF)?  Is it installed correctly?
  • Are both antennas attached?  For LTE service, Digi® requires that both antennas be attached.
  • Is this device in an enclosure?  If so, be sure that both antennas are external to the enclosure.
  • Are the antennas you are using Digi antennas or a third party?  If third party, please verify that the frequency/bands match between the antennas and the module and carrier.
  • Do you know what kind of cellular signal you should be getting in the area where your Digi TransPort(s) are currently located? 
  • If you know the APN, please enter it under Configuration - Network > Interfaces > Mobile > Mobile Settings.  Be sure to apply and save these settings.  Please allow 5-10 minutes for it to connect after this.
Please provide the debug.txt from the Digi TransPort. You can grab it either via FTP or the WebUI by going to Administration - File Management > FLASH Directory, right-click on debug.txt and select Save Target As (or whatever term your browser uses). For more details see QN24
Please send this report to Digi Technical Support (tech.support@digi.com).

Please also provide the IMEI Address of your Digi TransPort as listed on the label.
Last updated: Aug 18, 2022

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