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Cellular Connection Issues with xOS Devices

A few questions to help work through the cellular connection issues you are experiencing with Digi® xOS based-devices:

  • Who is your provider?
  • What is the APN for your SIM?  If you do not know it, please contact your provider.
  • Please verify that this particular SIM is still active with your provider.
  • Are you using the proper size SIM (2FF)?  Is it installed correctly?
  • Are both antennas attached?  For LTE service, Digi requires that both antennas be attached.
  • Is this device in an enclosure?  If so, be sure that both antennas are external to the enclosure.
  • Are the antennas you are using Digi antennas or a third party?  If third party, please verify that the frequency/bands match between the antennas and the module and carrier.
  • Do you know what kind of cellular signal you should be getting in the area where your xOS device(s) are currently located? 

With this SIM in the unit and the unit powered up for at least five minutes, please create a ‘Show Tech-Support’ file:
Please go to System > Administration > Device Console and then enter the following command:
show tech-support support.txt
NOTE:  This may take up to a minute.
Please forward this complete file, as an attachment, to Digi Tech Support (

Please also provide the IMEI of your xOS device.  

Last updated: Jun 24, 2024

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