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COM Ports Won't Install At COM3 in Windows 2000


When I install my Digi product in Windows 2000, the new COM ports should start at 3 (or perhaps 5) but instead they start at a much higher number and I cannot rename them.



  • There was a Digi product previously installed in the system, and although the physical board was removed the adapter was not removed from Device Manager.


  • A previously installed Digi product was not completely removed from the registry when the adapter was uninstalled.



  • The Digi adapter must be removed from Device Manager even though it no longer appears. Follow the instructions for removing phantom ports at the URL given below.


  • To remove extraneous COM ports from the registry, follow the instructions given for removing phantom ports on the URL given below.



    Phantom port removal procedure

Last updated: Jan 05, 2024

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