Common ISDN and OLA error messages seen on TransPort routers

The following info will be useful when using TransPort routers for On Line Authorisation tasks such as card payment processing.

These are the most common error messages along with information of what the errors actually mean.
You may need to configure and collect ISDN and ASY traces to determine the exact cause.

  • CCT FAILED - The ISDN call came up, but the call was disconnected before the transaction could complete. 
  • NO CCT - A 'B channel' is not available for this ISDN call - try 1280 prefix for BT carrier pre-select.
  • NO USER - No answer (no device on the number dialed or just not answered by the remote device)
  • UNALLOCATED - Number dialed is not allocated (incorrect number)
  • CALL REJECTED - MSN does not match configured value, calling identity rejected.
Last updated: Feb 21, 2019

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