Configure a DAL Router with an LTE Module to Use PDN 1

Some providers and SIM cards, especially when using a private APN, will expect PDN 1 to be used or the router will fail to connect.

If your DAL router is not establishing a cellular connection on LTE using a certain SIM card which is known working in another device, the below steps might help.

  1. Connect to the DAL router Admin CLI: by using a serial connection, SSH or telnet, or the Terminal in the WebUI or the Console in the Digi Remote Manager (See DAL User Guide at “Access the command line interface” section for more information).

At the login prompt, enter the username and password of a user with Admin access. Depending on the device configuration, you may be presented with another menu, for example:

IX10 login: admin                                                                                                                 
Access selection menu:                                                                                                                

a: Admin CLI                                                                                                                     
1: Serial: port1        (9600,8,1,none,none)                                                                                      
s: Shell                                                                                                                         
q: Quit                                                                                                                            

Select access or quit [admin] : a                                                                                                      

Connecting now...                                                                                                                      

 Press Tab to autocomplete commands                                                                                                   
 Press '?' for a list of commands and details                                                                                          
 Type 'help' for details on navigating the CLI                                                                                        
 Type 'exit' to disconnect from the Admin CLI                                                                                          
  1. Identify the name of the mobile interface: this will be different depending on the model, so, in order to find the correct one, issue the following command:
show network

You will get as result the list of all interfaces, where you can identify the mobile one, two examples below:                                     

IX10> show network                                                                                                                
 Interface         Proto  Status  IP Address                                                                                          
 ----------------  -----  ------  ------------------                                                                                   
 GRE_INT           IPv4   up                                                                                      
 defaultip         IPv4   up                                                                                     
 defaultlinklocal  IPv4   up                                                                                  
 eth               IPv4   up                                                                                      
 eth               IPv6   up      fd00:2704::1/48                                                                                     
 loopback          IPv4   up                                                                                          
 modem             IPv4   up                                                                                    
 modem             IPv6   up

TX64> show network                                                                                                                         
 Interface         Proto  Status  IP Address                                                                                          
 ----------------  -----  ------  ------------------                                                                                  
 defaultlinklocal  IPv4   up                                                                                  
 lan1              IPv4   up                                                                                      
 loopback          IPv4   up                                                                                         
 wan1              IPv4   up                                                                                      
 wwan1             IPv4   down    

  1. Then, In order to force the modem to connect to Context 1, issue the following command, where <mobile interface name> will be the one identified in the step before:
config network interface <mobile interface name> modem apn 0 cid 1 

So, referring to the examples above:

config network interface wwan1 modem apn 0 cid 1 
config network interface modem modem apn 0 cid 1

After a reboot, the modem will now try to connect using PDN 1.

Last updated: Mar 06, 2023

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