Configure a TransPort Router with an LTE Module to Use PDN 1

Since firmware version 7.x TransPort routers with an LTE cellular module are using PDN 3 to establish an LTE connection.  Certain providers and SIM cards, especially when using a private APN, will expect PDN 1 to be used or the router will fail to connect.

If your TransPort router is not establishing a cellular connection on LTE using a certain SIM card which is known working in another device, the below steps might help.

Since firmware version (update to or later as a first step), it is possible to instruct the router to use PDN 1 when a certain SIM card (or range) is detected.  This is done by creating and uploading a file called "pdn.txt" at the root directory of the router's file system.
  • Locate the ICCID of the SIM card that requires PDN 1 to be used. This can be found either on the SIM card itself or from the Mobile page under Management - Network status > Interfaces > Mobile when the SIM is in the router, see the screenshot below:
  • Create a text file named pdn.txt​​ and enter the ICCID inside this file. The first Four/Five digits will suffice to allow a range.
  • Using an S/FTP file transfer application, upload the file at the root directory of the router
  • Reboot the router
After the reboot, the router will now be using PDN 1 everytime this particular SIM card (or matching this particular range) is detected.
Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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