Configuring ports as a hunt group on the Portserver TS and Digi One SP product lines.

The hunt group configuration is commonly used with outbound modems (modem pooling). When a TCP connection is attempted to the specified TCP socket number, the Digi unit will establish the connection with the next available port (or modem).

Hunt group configuration example using socket 2022 with modems connected to ports 1 through 10. From the root prompt of the Digi unit:

set port dev=prn group=22 range=1-10

This allows any inbound socket connection via socket 2022 to access the first available port between 1-10.

telnet [IP_of_Digi_unit] 2022

This will connect to the first available port between 1-10.

Note: This value needs to be higher than the number of ports on the unit. For example, a PortServer II with 3 attached Ports/16em modules would have 64 ports therefore this value would need to be 2065 or higher.

Another method is to setup an alternate IP address to the hunt group.

set port dev=prn group=22 range=1-10
set altip ip=[UNIQUE_IP_ADDRESS] group=22 mode=telnet

The "UNIQUE_IP_ADDRESS" is an IP address on the same network subnet and unique from all other IP addresses. When you telnet to this IP address, you will be connected to the first available port between 1 and 10:


Last updated: Mar 22, 2019

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