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Configuring ports for Printers in HP-UX

Serial Printers

To prepare a port for connection to a printer, enter the following command:

ditty printer [baud rate and flow control options] ttya01

This command is recommended for any port that has a printer connected to it. The command may be placed in a startup script, so that it is automatically executed whenever the system is booted. Refer to the manual pages for ditty for more info.

Setting up a print queue for a printer directly connected to a port.

For example to setup a print queue called '"ps15" on port 15 (ttya15) and using the lp print model '"dumb" for the interface.

chmod 666 /dev/ttya15 (This will change permissions to read-write)
lpshut (This will stop the lp scheduler)

lpadmin -pps15 -mmodel -v/dev/ttya15

This will create a new print queue. Refer to manual pages for lpadmin.

lpsched (This will restart the lp scheduler)
enable ps15 (This enables print requests for '"ps15'")
accept ps15 (This allows '"ps15'" to accept print requests)

The SAM utility may also be used to configure printers.

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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