ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy (Router) Installation

For Digi ConnectPort X2e Smart Energy gateway deployments, you will want to ensure that there is a networking infrastructure in place that will allow internet access between the Digi gateway and the Digi Device Cloud.

Networking considerations:

  • An open Ethernet port will be needed on your internet router, switch or HUB in order to provide network connectivity for the gateway.
  • The device will require a DHCP served IP address. Most network routers are automatically configured to serve up IP addresses using DHCP by default. 
  • The unit pushes data up to the Digi Device Cloud on TCP port 3199, but also requires UDP port 123 for NTP server access (required for the SSL communication).  Outbound access over these two ports must be opened on the Network Router providing Internet access for the LAN, as well as any firewall(s) between the device and your Network Router.


Before deploying the gateway hardware, you will want to write down the ConnectPort X2e gateway Serial Number (which is also the MAC address and device ID), EUI 64 address and installation code.  These can be located on the sticker affixed underneath the unit.

Note:  Only one Digi ConnectPort X2e router gateway can be added per coordinator/Smart Meter.


Connect the ConnectPort © X2e SE unit to your network router or ethernet HUB using the provided blue ethernet cable for Ethernet connectivity.   This will require that a Ethernet port be available on your network router, modem or switch.

Plug in the power adapter to power on the unit.

Observe the network LED (LED closest to the power connector) on the Digi gateway unit until it turns solid green, indicating that the ConnectPort X2e gateway has successfully established a connection to the Digi Device Cloud.

Join with the Coordinator

Once the Digi Device Cloud connection has been established, the next step would be to configure the Digi router gateway to join your Smart Energy Coordinator or Smart Meter.  The specific steps vary depending on what device is being used as the Smart Energy network coordinator.  However, the joining process will involve input of the installation code and possibly the EUI 64 address in order for the coordinator to allow joining.

For Smart Meter Texas customers, joining is done using the Smart Meter Texas web portal.  When logged into your Smart Meter Texas account select the HAN Devices menu to add a new HAN device.  You will prompted to provide the following information:

  • Description  - Enter a description for your gateway.
  • Type of HAN device  - Select: Intelligent Gateway from the drop down
  • MAC Address - Here you will enter the EUI 64 address found on the sticker of the Digi unit
  • Installation Code - Here you will enter the installation code found on the sticker of the Digi unit.

Create/login to a Device Cloud Account:

1. Go to:
2. Click
 FREE DEVELOPER EDITION ACCOUNT to create a new developer Device Cloud account.
3. Go to and login with your new Device Cloud credentials.

Add Gateway(s) to Device Cloud Account:

1. Navigate to the Device Management menu tab.
2. Click the Add Devices button
3. Click on the Discover button to discover gateways on the local LAN/Network or to manually add the gateway,enter in the MAC address and click Add.  Example MAC address format:
Where XXXXXX represents the last 6 digits of your Device MAC address.

View Device Readings/data:

Login to using your Device Cloud credentials.

1. Navigate to the Network -> In-Home Display or Network-> Tree menu tab.
2. Select the desired gateway from the drop down box

* This is a legacy product 


Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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