Considerations for using 1200 baud XStream radios (X09-001)

The XStream X09-001 is a 1200 baud radio modem with a receiver sensitivity of -114dBm. Because of the increased energy available to the receiver per bit, the module can transfer data up to 30% further than the 9600 baud RF data rate module (-110dBm receiver sensitivity). 

There are some trade-offs however. The 9600 baud radios can sustain 9600 baud throughput and have a latency of 72ms to transfer a 32 byte packet. The 1200 baud radio interfaces at 1200 baud, but without hardware flow control it will not sustain this data rate. That is due in part to the increased latency.To transfer 32 bytes of information with the 1200 baud radio takes approximately 350ms. 

Because of this increase in latency, the 1200 baud radio works great in applications where data throughput is less important than range.

Note:  The XStream X09-001 has been discontinued from the product line.
Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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