How To configure a DAL Router to operate in IP Passthrough mode and acting as WiFi AP at same time

When a DAL router needs to operate in passthrough mode and WiFi AP at the same time, the configuration will differ from the usual default one, where the WiFi AP and the LAN interface are on the same LAN Bridge.

The reason for that is that when operating in passthrough mode, the device passes the IP address assigned to it on a WAN or cellular modem interface, to a sigle LAN client connected to a LAN interface. That means, that if the WIFi AP is on the same bridge as the LAN interface, WiFi Clients will be able to connect to the AP but they actually won't get an IP address and other IP settings (so no Internet access) because the DHCP server on the Bridge will not work normally (as operating in IP Passtrhoug mode).

Below, there is an example on how to have the DAL router operating in IP Passthrough mode, via cellular interface, and WiFI AP at the same time, starting from a factory default configuration.

Note: in this example the LAN interface is named ETH2, but this can differ depending on the model

1) Verify first of all that the DAL router has a working internet access via the Modem interface

2) Disable the LAN Bridge

3) Create a new interface and assign the Wi-Fi access point to it as Device. Also, set an IP address/mask and enable the DHCP server (that is disabled by default). Please note, the subnet must be different from the default one, in this example is used.

4) Change the ETH2/LAN type to be IP Passthrough, set the source interface as modem and configure an ancillary address/gateway:

5) Change also the device of the Default IP interface to be ETH2 instead of Bridge LAN. So, in case is needed, the WEB UI of the router can be accessed by connecting to the default ip from a laptop connected to the ETH2/LAN port (having this laptop a static ip on 192.168.210.x/24 subnet). 


t this point, a laptop connected to an ETH2/LAN port set as DHCP client, will get the Mobile IP from the IX20 (or the ancillary one depending on the status of the cellular connection).

At the same time, WiFi clients will be able to connect to the WiFi AP2, receiving an IP address in the subnet and getting internet access.


Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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