How to configure a DAL router as WireGuard Client

Since DAL OS firmware Support for WireGuard (WG) VPNs has been added.

WireGuard is a VPN protocol that operates at the network layer to provide communication between devices over a public network (more info on WireGuard website:

A DAL router can be configured in two WireGuard modes:

· Client mode: the DAL router establishes an outbound WireGuard VPN tunnel to a remote server

· Server mode: one or more remote devices can establish an inbound WireGuard VPN tunnel to the DAL router

In this article, is shown how to configure a DAL router as a WireGuard client.

WG Server

In this example, we will not go into details about how to configure the server side, but we suppose a WG server is enabled to receive connections from WG clients.

Most of the WireGuard servers provide a configuration file that can be used on the clients to connect. In this example, the server provides the following:

Basing on that, the WG client will be configured on the DAL router in next step.

WG Client configuration on the DAL router

1. Browse to System > Device Configuration > VPN > WireGuard and add a WG Tunnel:

In the Peers section, click on Add Peer and configure the Peer as following:


In the main WG tunnel section, configure as following:


2. Create the WG Interface (System > Device Configuration > Interfaces):


3. Static route: It will be needed a static route to access the networks behind the server via the WG tunnel. In this example, a route to is added:


Check the WG tunnel status:

In the WG Tunnel status (Status > VPN > WireGuard), the new WG tunnel linked to the WG interface is shown:

Traffic on the tunnel

Try a ping to a pingable address on the WG server, in this example this is (System > Terminal):

Also, on the WG Tunnel status on the DAL router, an increase of traffic can be noticed:


Last updated: Apr 30, 2024

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