Differences between XIB-R and SPKG

The XIB-R (XIBR) serial interface board has replaced the SPKG interface board. Here are the major differences between the two interface boards:
  • The XIB-R has DIP switches for selecting RS232 and RS485/RS422 configuration. The DIP switch extends 2-3mm beyond the edge of the PC board.
  • Pin 9 of the DB9 connector is connected to the center pin of the power connector. This allows power to be supplied through either the DB9 or the power connector (7-18VDC).
  • On the XIB-R Data In and Data Out LEDs are attached directly to the DIn and DOut signals of the module showing serial activity. Power LED is still connected to the TX/PWR signal of module. (SPKG had top LED connected to RXLED signal of module showing RF receive activity.)
  • On the SPKG the DCD and DSR lines were connected directly to +5VDC supply. The XIB-R has these signals connected to the RXLED signal of the OEM module. The RXLED signal is driven to +6VDC by default. (Some original XIB-R boards drove it to -12VDC erroneously. Most systems were unaffected by this.)
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Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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