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Digi Connect WAN APN Configuration information for AT&T

APN Configuration: In order to communicate on the GSM IP network the Digi Cellular Device must be configured for a certain Access Point Name (APN) type. In simple terms, the APN determines what type of IP address is provided to the Digi Cellular Device’s mobile interface and how the provider’s network communicates to the corporate LAN or application. The SIM card is provisioned to communicate and authenticate to the APN. This information must be worked out with your provider before you begin testing.
The two most important items to determine about an APN are: (1) is whether mobile terminated data required (i.e., does a host initiate the connection to the mobile device?) and (2) what type of IP addressing is required (e.g., is a public static IP address required?).   For more information on this, and other important items, please see this article entitled "Remote Wireless Networking 101
Connecting the Digi Cellular Device
1. Ensure the SIM is properly inserted into the SIM garage.   Please see the Quick Start Guide for the Digi Connect WAN 3G AT&T.
2. Attach the antenna to the Digi Cellular Device. Place the Digi Cellular Device and/or antenna in a location that will ensure the best signal.
3. Connect the Digi Cellular Device Ethernet port to your workstation or device (either via hub/switch or direct via crossover Ethernet cable), be sure the workstation/device is configured with DHCP enabled (obtain an IP address automatically), then point your browser to the Digi Cellular Device’s Ethernet port IP address (default to access the WebUI.
4. Apply power to the Digi Cellular Device. After a few minutes observe the following:
a. Green Ethernet Link LED located on the Ethernet port should be on. If not, make sure you are using the proper cable.
b. Signal Strength LEDs on top of unit should show 2-4 LEDs. If not, try repositioning the antenna and unit if necessary. Do not extend the antenna cable; instead, reposition the Digi Cellular Device unit itself via longer Ethernet cable connection.
c. Activity LED will be on solid for a few moments then go off.
d. The Wireless Link LED on top of unit should go on solid once the APN type is properly configured. If not, verify the APN provisioning via Configuration > Mobile
i. Service Provider, should normally be set up for AT&T/Cingular Wireless (Orange Network)
ii. Service Plan / APN,  provided by AT&T with the SIM.  There are many different plans
iii. Username & Password, usually not necessary
Please check with AT&T to make sure the proper APN type is being used for your application.
5. If you changed the APN type, reboot the Digi Cellular Device via Administration > Reboot if changes were made to the mobile provider or IP address settings.
6. Once the mobile link LED is on solid (which may take a few minutes), verify the mobile IP address from the Digi Cellular Device home page, via Management > Connections, or via Administration > System Information > Mobile.
7. The Digi Cellular Device should now be ready to use.

Note:  This information is from the Digi document Config and Test Digi Cellular Device - AT&T


Last updated: Jan 08, 2024

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