Digi One IA/IAP Device Server Troubleshooting

1. Is the equipment set up properly?
A.  If power is detected on the Digi One IA/IAP Device, you should see a green power LED on the front LED panel.             Please Note: The power supply used on the Digi One IA/IAP should meet the following minimum specifications otherwise you may see the Link and TX/RX LEDs blinking alternatively on the front LED panel.                 

Input Voltage Input Current
9V 414mA
10V 333mA
11V 297mA
12V 268mA
13V 244mA
14V 210mA
20V 153mA
25V 125mA
30V 105mA

B.  Check the front LED panel:
a.  When you connect the Digi One IA/IAP Device to the network, the Red Link LED on the front LED panel should go out.  If it stays on, the network is not being properly detected.  Check the Ethernet cable for the following: The Ethernet cable is connected securely at both ends. The Ethernet cable is pinned correctly. The quality of the Ethernet cable is sufficient for the cable length and the cable environment.                      
NOTE: Consult an Ethernet cable manufacturer for recommendations on the proper cabling. Verify your Ethernet hub has the proper configuration.  See your Ethernet hub manual for further assistance.             
b. Check the DIAGS LED on the front LED panel.  If it is flashing, please note the pattern:
Blinking 1-1-1: Starting the EOS                  
Blinking 1-3-1: Starting the TFTP Process.                  
Blinking 1-5-1: Configuration has been returned to factory defaults.                       
Blinking 9-1-1: Call Technical Support                  
Steady Blinking: The Digi One IA/IAP Device is looking for an IP Address from a DHCP server.
Please Note: For further LED diagnosis see the reference linke below for the manual.              
C.  Verify that the MEI Switches are set according to your peripheral device?s requirements.            
Please Note: These settings can also be found on the Digi One IA/IAP Device label.

Function Switch Setting
1 2 3 4
EIA-232 Up Down Down Down
EIA-422/485 Full Duplex Down Up Down Up - Termination Enabled
Down- Termination Disabled
EIA-485 Half Duplex Down Down Up

2.  Does the Digi One IA/IAP Device Have an IP Address?     
Please Note: An IP Address must be configured on the Digi One IA/IAP Device before it can be accessed on the network and the RealPort driver installed.  Otherwise when you try loading the RealPort driver, you will get the following error message: Failed to connect to Digi One IA/IAP.       
A.   If you encounter difficulties logging onto the Digi One IA/IAP Device and assigning an IP Address, make sure the MEI Switches on the Digi One IA/IAP Device are set to EIA-232 when initially configuring the device.  You can later change this to match your peripheral device''''s requirements (go to step 1C for MEI switch settings)
B.   If you are still having difficulties assigning an IP Address to the Digi One IA/IAP Device:    1.   Reset the Digi One IA/IAP Device back to factory defaults and try again.    2.   If you continue to have problems, you may want to try another method of assigning the IP Address.     NOTE: See Chapter 2 of this manual for configuration options.
C.  Try pinging the Digi One IA/IAP Device?s IP Address.  If you are unable to Ping the IP Address,  make sure that you have set the appropriate subnet and gateway information in the Digi One  IA/IAP Device.  NOTE: If you are unable to PING the Digi One IA/IAP, the IP Address did not get stored properly and  you will not be able to continue until a PING is successful.
D.  To check the connection between your operating system and Digi One IA/IAP Device plug the DB9 <  loopback, which ships with the product, into Digi One IA/IAP?s serial port and Telnet directly to the  port (Reverse Telnet)  using the following command:  telnet (IP Address of the Digi One IA/IAP Device) 2001    For Example: telnet 2001  Try typing and see if it displays on the screen.  If so, you have successfully connected to the port.   To disconnect Press Ctrl and ] or at    the telnet prompt, type: quit.  If you are unable to telnet to the  port, go to Step 3.                              
3. Can You Successfully Connect to the Digi One IA/IAP Device?s Serial Port?
A.  Make sure you are running the latest firmware release available on our web site http://www.digi.com/support/ and click on the firmware link in the support box.  For firmware update instructions go to step 5.  
B.   Verify that you have selected the appropriate device type for Digi One IA/IAP Device?s serial port.  For example, a Digi One IA/IAP Device port configured for a terminal should have the device type set to Terminal (connection is triggered when data is received).  To trigger a connection when DCD is raised, set Modem In.  If you are loading the RealPort driver, the device type should be set to RealPort.  For Reverse Telnet (as in step 2D), the device type should be Printer, RealPort or something that doesn?t require a login. Please Note: The Device Type specified would be dependent on how your network host transmits and/or receives from the peripheral device on the Digi One IA/IAP?s serial port.  If you use COM port, you will want to set the port to RealPort and install the RealPort driver. 
C.      Make sure you have the proper cabling from the Digi One IA/IAP Device?s serial port to the connecting device.  The Digi One IA/IAP is a DTE device.      Please Note: The DB9 pinout can be found on the Digi One IA/IAP Device label.  If you are using the Screw Terminal Block rather than the DB9 Serial Port, please ensure that you are counting pin # 1 as the one farthest from the DB9 Serial Port.  Pinout information is also available in this manual and online at http://www.digi.com/support/
D.      If you have installed the RealPort driver, make sure you are running the latest driver release available from our support site:http://www.digi.com/support/ .  Click on Drivers and follow the prompts.
E.   If you are going through a firewall, verify TCP port 771 is open for the RealPort driver to get to the Digi One IA/IAP.            
4.   What are the two ways  to reset the Digi One IA/IAP Device to Factory Defaults?            
A.  Web Interface Instructions:                  
a.  Access the web interface by entering the Digi One IA/IAP Device?s IP Address in a browser?s URL window.                  
b.  Log in to the Digi One IA/IAP Device.                  
c.  From the main menu, choose Admin > Reset Config.                  
d.  Choose Continue to reset the configuration to factory defaults.             
B.  Hardware Instructions:                
a.  Use a pen, the point of a paper clip, or some other device to press and hold the recessed button (located on the side with the Ethernet connection).                 
b.  While holding down the button, power on the Digi One IA/IAP Device.                 
c.  When a 1-5-1 LED pattern is displayed and the DIAGS LED goes out (or after 2 minutes if the Digi One IA/IAP is at a remote location), release the button.          
5.  What is the procedure for upgrading the firmware on the Digi One IA/IAP Device?
A.  The only way to update the firmware is through the Web Interface:
a.  Download a copy of the firmware image from Digi?s support site:                                                
b.  Access the Digi Device?s web interface by entering the Digi One IA/IAP Device?s IP Address in a browser?s URL window and login to the Digi One IA/IAP Device.                  
c.  From the main menu, choose Admin > HTTP Upgrade.                  
d.  Browse to the location on your system where the firmware has been saved.  Select the firmware image and click Submit.  When the Digi One IA/IAP determines that the firmware image is valid, it will prompt you to reboot.                  
e.  Reboot the device.                  
f.  Access the Digi Device?s web interface and verify on the Information Page that the Firmware version was successfully updated.

Last updated: Jun 05, 2019

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